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University equity and harassment

For information on the University of Arizona's policies regarding equity and the fair treatment of everyone without discrimination, see the following. You may also file complaints or report misconduct through the website.

The office of the Dean of Students is dedicated to addressing matters that students wish to keep private. They can be contacted through their website

Other resources for seeking help if you are the subject of harassment or discrimination. These are opinion pieces, and they have been helpful to others facing unfair treatment:
Title IX: A step-by-step guide
Fed up with sexual harassment: Defining the problem

Summary of the discussion of Sexual Harassment and Title IX that WiP hosted in January 2016. 

Articles and Useful Links

New York Times article 10/06/13
"Why still so few women in science"

A link to where many interesting articles address not only the gender gap but also what many women are doing about it.
Nature's Articles on the gender gap in STEM

The American Physical Society WIP
APS Women in Physics

Marie Curie's Awesomeness
Marie Curie in the face of the French Academy of Sciences (from

APS Gender Equity Conversations

Why do you study physics?
Here's a wonderfully creative animation from one woman studying physics and animation design:
"Why I study Physics -- by Xiangjun Shi"

STEM Women Coalition at the University of Arizona

Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) at the University of Arizona
The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program was established at the University of Arizona in 1976 as part of the Women's Studies Department and the Southwest Institute for Research on Women. WISE offers a wide range of programs for both students and professionals, including a conference for middle and high school students, academic and career preparation programs for college students, mentoring, internships, scholarships, a living-learning residential community, and much more!

University of Arizona Women in Optics (WiO)
Women In Optics is a University of Arizona student club run by graduate and undergraduate students of the College of Optical Sciences (OpSci). We participate in outreach opportunities to raise awareness and teach optics to future scientists of all ages. We also serve as a forum for women in the optical sciences community to communicate and exchange ideas.

University of Arizona Women in Engineering
Women in Engineering at the University of Arizona benefit from career and professional development, leadership, faculty mentorship and community! Whether you want to hone your public speaking skills, network with professionals in industry, live and learn with other women in engineering, or develop relationships with faculty, you can do it all at the University of Arizona!

University of Arizona Women in Information and Computer Science
WICS (Women in Information and Computer Science) is an organization of Computer Science students: majors, pre-majors, and those taking computer science classes, as well as those in the field. In the past, the organization has sponsored several events during the school year including a university-wide coding competition, introductory programming classes, special seminars, sponsorships for national conferences, and assistance in finding job opportunities. Recently, the club has been more involved in outreach, seminars, and reorganizing the club.

Women & Minorities - American Physical Society
In 1972, the American Physical Society founded both the APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP) and the APS Committee on Minorities in physics (COM). Each of these committees consists of nine members appointed by the APS President and their goals are to address the production, retention, and career development of women and minority physicists respectively. To date, many programs and activities have been created under the auspices of these committees to further these goals.


Women in Physics - American Physical Society
APS, through the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP), is committed to encouraging the recruitment, retention, and career development of women physicists at all levels.

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