The goal of these lunches is to have relevant discussions between students, faculty, post-docs, and others in a respectful and welcoming environment. These discussions are meant to get the conversation started about issues recently published with regards to women and minorities in STEM, STEM education, and any other important topics related to the work environment in STEM. The discussion also does not need to stay on topic if the conversation evolves to discuss something else.

Faculty, post-docs, and students are all invited. Discussions are also open to others in the UA community. The WiP club will provide coffee and tea (sometimes chocolate), but you should bring your own lunch. You can come just to listen or be an active participant. Everyone is welcome. Each lunch will have a different discussion leader and anyone can sign-up to be one.

If you have an idea for a BBL discussion topic and/or would like to lead a discussion, please contact Us

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Brown-bag lunch: a time for WiP to sit down together to discuss the present state of our field, and what we'd like physics to be.

Below is a list of Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) discussions that WiP hosts in the physics department

If you agree with WiP's mission, we invite you to sign up for our listserv, join our facebook forum, and visit our officers page. We would love to meet you in person!

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