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Supporting Black and AAPI scholars

The first step that we can take to dismantle racist systems is to educate ourselves and have uncomfortable conversations about race.  At our weekly meetings, WiP takes direct actions that improve the equity and inclusion of the Department of Physics.

UA Campus Resources


CAPS: UA Counseling and Psych Services

Student Wellness: Provides Life Management Counseling

African American Student Affairs: Organization dedicated to support of black students on campus

African American LGBTQ Resources

Asian Pacific American Student Affairs: Promote student success for the diverse East Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi or South Asian American communities on campus

Tucson Community Resources


BLM Tucson

Tucson Second Chance


Physics Community Resources


National Society of Black Physicists

APS Resources for Minorities


General Resources


Mental health issues facing the Black community - This organization wants to help to start a conversation about how racism affects the African American community's mental health, and help to reduce the shame and stigma sometimes associated with mental illness and mental health treatment

Anti-Hate Safety Resources from the Asian American Federation

Information about the Black Lives Matter movement


Ways You Can Help:

NAACP Campaign, We are done dying


Ally Resource Guide, with ways to donate, petitions to sign, anti-racism sources, and more!

Some places to Donate

Support the AAPI Community Fund


George Floyd Memorial Fund

Mass Liberation AZ: Justice for (disproportionately black/minority) incarcerated people in Arizona


Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund

Bail Funds Across the Country



Educate Yourself


All Facebook pages listed have posts with articles, statements from black people, and other information. They are easy and informative to browse.

It is not up to black people to educate you. Take the initiative now! And, in four weeks, make sure you’re still learning. Keep growing!


This website is very comprehensive!


If you like documentaries: 10 Documentaries To Watch About Race Instead Of Asking A Person Of Color To Explain Things For You

If you like articles: Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do 


If you like lists of resources: Anti-racist allyship starter pack

If you like books: The anti-racist reading list


Steward Observatory Diversity Journal Club, Resources on Race




Register to vote

Spend an hour today looking up local elections.

Four weeks from now, do the same thing!

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