Women in Physics

Cultivating an atmosphere of respect and inclusion for all members of the physics community at the University of Arizona.

About Us

The University of Arizona Women in Physics is built by us, the students, with the goal of inclusion in mind. We are backed by the Department of Physics and we are among the leaders of the STEM Women Coalition at Arizona. 

We have weekly meetings.  Join the mailing list and keep an eye out for the zoom links!

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#BLM #StopAsianHate

The status quo is not okay; black and AAPI people deserve space in our world. WiP is working to dismantle racist systems in our department and to support black and AAPI scholars.


Mugs, stickers, and calendars featuring artists from our department are now on sale!

Pizza and Profz

These friendly meetings with Physics department faculty are a great opportunity to get to know them better and use their experiences to build our future.

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